Inflatable chair & other worries artwork 2Amateur exorcist artwork 2

From one half of swedish duo Blind Lake comes two albums of songs about death, love ,suicide and John Otway. Nineteen pieces of pop in all shapes and forms: from the skeletal synth-boogie-with-a-ten-dollar-drummachine of Korsavad to the big shiny pop of Bad Things, the elegant sadness of You Remain Unforgiven and the mumbling semi-jazz of Otway. The albums are bookended by two covers; Twin White Rope´s Sack Full of Silver & Kim Wilde´s Just a Feeling. Amidst echoes of a folky Depeche Mode, or a one man Death Cab For Cutie by way of David Bowie, a thread of heartfelt playfulness, experimentalism, melancholy & black humour runs through it all.

If Amateur Exorcist is the equivalence of a handsome stranger, Inflatable Chair & Other Worries is the odd cousin raised in a fleamarket, accidentally blown to pieces in middle age and re-assembled by shaky hands. Two different beasts born of the same mother.

Hope you enjoy/XX Hebba Flagg

All songs written by Måns Wieslander except Sack Full of Silver (Guy Kyser) & Just a Feeling (M. Wilde & R. Wilde)

Performed and recorded by Måns Wieslander

Mastered by Steve Curachi

Lotta Wenglén: vocals on ”…river…” , ”Run Forever” & ”Mother” / Conny Städe: drums at the end of ”Bad…”, percussion on ”Let the Wolves…” / Vera Wieslander: Violin on ”Run Forever” / Irma, Timo & Vera Wieslander: Backing vocals on ”Sara Low…” / Kicki Wieslander & Robin Jönsson: discussing Måns on ”Something passed by” / Staffan Wieslander: all over the place





“On Earth” is a strong, confident statement from a band that’s only just begun to scratch the surface of their seemingly endless well of musical creativity.”Nooga

“The dueling vocals give the album consistency and the haunting retro-future vibe is a hallmark of On Earth. It creates a sexy pathos that is draped across the entire album.”Surviving the golden age


“eerily atmospheric”William Helms – The Joy of Violent Movement

“Fabulous”Laird Barron – Bram Stoker Award winner 2013

“Eerie. Atmospheric melodies and synths are layered together energetically under prominent vocals until it all breaks into an upbeat full swing.”Magnet

 “Psychedelic, ambient and, yes, synth-pop soundtracks for contemporary film noirs that exist only in their and their listeners minds.”


“Modern och soulig folk när den är som allra bäst. Rysligt vackert.” (Modern soul-folk at its best. Spinetinglingly beautiful.) Hymn

“There is something about the underutilized trick of synchronized lead vocals, leading to the climactic lyric “I’ve got myself a pair of slippery hands/And nothing to hold onto” that turns “Lately” from merely comfy to downright moving without my quite knowing how it happened.”Fingertips



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