Swedish singer/songwriter Måns Wieslander has pursued his low-key guitar pop solo career (the Go-Betweens and Robyn Hithcock are the most frequent comparisons) while maintaining a varied career as one-third of the dream pop trio the Moonbabies and releasing electronic-folk albums as half of the duo Campo Mondo. (He even had a short-lived spell as the guitar player in the veteran Australian punk band the Saints, playing on the 1997 reunion album Howling.) As a youngster in rural Sweden, Wieslander played in a variety of local bands before moving to Malmo, the epicenter of the Swedish pop scene, and forming Elevator Adam with his bass-playing brother Anders Wieslander, drummer Conny Stade, and keyboardist-guitarist Johan Weitner. The group released one album, Alcomoon, in 1995 on Payola, a Swedish subsidiary of German major BMG. The group splintered before a follow-up could be recorded, despite a small local hit single and some popularity as a touring attraction. After his brief stint in the revived Saints, Wieslander joined his friend Ola Frick´s bands the Moonbabies and Campo Mondo and began work on his first solo album, 2000’s Twin Piloda, also for Payola/BMG. A cassette-only release on the Italian indie Best Kept Secret, Crawlspace, followed in 2001. The American indie label Parasol, having found some success with releases by Swedish indie acts like Club 8 the Soundtrack of Our Lives and others, released Måns Wieslander’s third album, Yet, in December 2002. He also played the bass on Ossler´s 2002 album Den Siste Som Kom Ut.

Måns joined Lotta Wenglen´s band in 2004 and features on 2007´s In the Core, 2011´s Thanks For Your Generous Donations and the single Hard Times (2013). 2010 saw the release of Brother Jona (Margit), a solo effort under the pseudonym Twin Piloda. It was followed by two e.p´s; Beautiful without me (2013) & Wire in the mud (2015), and a single, Survival Kit (2014). The documentary En Värld av Kalk (2012) featured music by Måns, and an Elevator Adam vinylsingle/box set, The Sense We Never Made (featuring 70 tracks) was released through The Almighty Kong in 2013.

Two years after forming the duo Blind Lake with Lotta Wenglén, the debut album On earth was released in 2015, as was Sjöblinds single Älskade Stjärna, (a song featured in the movie Flaket by jens Klevje and Fabian svensson) and the simultaneously released solo albums Amateur Exorcist & Inflatable Chair & Other Worries.

Blind Lake features on an upcoming tribute album to Sparklehorse, where they do a version of Little Fat Baby. A Blind Lake remix ep & new recordings are underway.

And, Måns is said to be involved in a super secret project called Bachelor/Exorcist, a prog-opera involving bullies, Lovecraftian space defenders and some blues.

Stewart Mason (AllMusic) & Ingrid L. Dauwson (ZuHaddePop)

TWIN PILODA (Payola, 2000)


CRAWLSPACE (Best Kept Secret, Cassette,2001)


YET (Parasol, 2002)


BROTHER JONA (Margit, 2010) – as Twin Piloda


BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT ME e.p. (Margit, 2013)


SURVIVAL KIT single (Margit, 2014 )


WIRE IN THE MUD e.p. (Margit, 2015)



Amateur exorcist artwork 2


Inflatable chair & other worries artwork 2


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